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Ory: cardiovascular / cardiology also included in: heart disease article date: 11 apr 2012 - 15:00 pdt email to a friend   printer friendly   opinions   current ratings for: higher risk of coronary heart disease in adults with ecg abnormalities patient / public: 4 (3 votes) healthcare prof: a new study in the april 11 issue of jama shows that both minor and major electro-cardiographic abnormalities are linked to a higher risk of incidents involving coronary heart disease (chd) in elderly people without pre-existing cardiovascular disease and that these abnormalities were better in predicting chd events like heart attacks outside common cardiovascular risk factors. viagra online viagra for sale Background information in the articles states: "in populations of older adults, prediction of chd through traditional risk factors is less accurate than among middle-aged adults. viagra 10 20 mg buy viagra overnight delivery " electrocardiographic (ecg) abnormalities are common in older adults. youtube viagra jose luis buy cheap viagra However, performing routine ecg among asymptomatic adults is not supported by current evidence. take viagra yahoo Considering the higher prevalence of both cardiovascular disease (cvd) and ecg abnormalities in older adults, risk prediction incorporating ecg might be more useful in this group. much private prescription viagra To date, few studies have examined the improvement of cvd risk prediction using ecg abnormalities in a population of older adults, and none could adequately adjust the analyses for presence of previous cvd and traditional cardiovascular risk factors (cvrfs). buy generic viagra In a study to determine whether minor and major ecg abnormalities at the start of the research, as well as developing new ecg abnormalities and persistent ecg abnormalities during follow-up, were linked to new events of chd, independent of traditional cardiovascular risk factors, reto auer, m. Generic viagra safety D. buy viagra online , of the university of lausanne in switzerland, and the university of california in san francisco, and his team recruited 2,192 white and black adults, aged between 70 to 79 years, who had no known cardiovascular disease. viagra without a doctor prescription Over 8 years, from 1997/98 to 2006/07, the authors noted adjudicated chd events and categorized ecg abnormalities that occurred at the start of the study and at 4-years. is viagra used for anything else To predict chd events, they examined ecg abnormalities that occurred in addition to the traditional risk factors. time needed viagra work The study findings demonstrated that 506 or 23% of the 2,192 participants had major ecg abnormalities, whilst 276 or 13% had minor ones. viagra online At the average follow up of 8. Do insurance companies pay viagra 2 years, the researchers found that from all the 351 participants who had chd events, 96 died, one hundred one had an acute heart attack, and 154 were hospitalized for angina or coronary revascularizations. cheap viagra online The total death toll at the average follow up was 602 participants, although 96 of those deat. time needed viagra work cheap generic viagra Dies ist nun endlich die neu gestaltete web site der Berlin Familie. Wir haben leider gleich einige Jahre benoetigt, um die notwendige Zeit und Ruhe zu finden, unsere web site wieder einmal voellig zu ueberarbeiten.

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This finally is the newly designed and revised web site of the Berlin Family. Unfortunately it took us a couple of years to find the time and energy to fully revise and update our web site.



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