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Log in air warriors forums > naval aviator's forum > doc's corner > scaphoid fracture waiver discussion in 'doc's corner' started by cnstoll, dec 7, 2009. best site to buy viagra Cnstoll new member member since: dec 7, 2009 message count: 11 ratings received: +0 / 0 / -0 hello, i'm new to the boards. My name is cnstoll and i have been in the process of applying to ocs for over a year now. I have some biographical information on my profile, but the most relevant is that i am a college senior in good health and fitness, but with a medical issue. The story goes that in march of 2009 i was on the verge of submitting my packet to a board, having completed everything but my prt, when i suffered a scaphoid fracture from riding my bike to school. cheap viagra online The fracture was diagnosed immediately and i had surgery to insert a screw to repair it. how much does viagra cost in mexico The cast came off in may and i began physical therapy to restore range of motion. That part of my rehabilitation has been a success. viagra for sale uk I have recovered full range of motion from the affected wrist (right) and in terms of strength it seems to be just fine. viagra canada online The problem is that despite the favorable results, it appears that the fracture has not yet fully healed. buy viagra online usa After several months of more x-rays, there is still a slight black line where the fracture is located. Now, it has been heal-ing, as in there has been progress, but it is not yet completely healed. how much does viagra cost in mexico In august i received an ultrasonic bone stimulator which seems to have been helping the progress. how much does viagra cost in mexico So i come here looking for advice, and what the possibilities are with regards to waivers. I know from my research and sources in the navy that the orthopedic hardware itself, the screw in my case, is not disqualifying. viagra without a doctor prescription What i don't know is what degree of healing do i need to receive a waiver for my problem. viagra daily headache Do i just need a working wrist that allows me to do everything in my daily life? Or do i need a completely healed bone with no evidence of a fracture? private prescription charges for viagra If there is anyone with experience in this sort of situation, i would be glad to hea. Die Familie Berlin

Dies ist nun endlich die neu gestaltete web site der Berlin Familie. Wir haben leider gleich einige Jahre benoetigt, um die notwendige Zeit und Ruhe zu finden, unsere web site wieder einmal voellig zu ueberarbeiten.

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This finally is the newly designed and revised web site of the Berlin Family. Unfortunately it took us a couple of years to find the time and energy to fully revise and update our web site.



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